The Export Sales Guide to Minimising Risk and Maximising Profits

The Export Sales Guide to Minimising Risk and Maximising Profits

Does your business sell to challenging or developing overseas markets?

Are you nervous about receiving letters of credit and exposure to the risk of non-payment, delayed payment and associated costs?

Do you understand the ICC Incoterms® Rules and realise that ExWorks is not suitable for international shipments?

Did you know that you may be at risk by delivering under FOB, CFR or CIF contracts if your goods are shipped by sea in containers….?

This practical and engaging one-day export sales training course is specifically aimed at export sales, project and finance teams, especially those concerned with the financial risks and costs associated with overseas sales. We remove the mystique and help you to understand the jargon and terminology associated with letters of credit, bank demand guarantees and the Incoterms® 2020 rules. This export sales training programme is also ideal to enhance the knowledge of corporate service providers, including accountants, international trade advisers, bank trade sales and operational staff.

Are your employees operating remotely or from home?

Whilst we no longer deliver our courses face-to-face, this popular and highly practical Export Sales & Finance training programme remains available for delivery “virtually” via online meeting platforms including Zoom, GoToMeeting or Webex. This is ideal for colleagues who may be based remotely, overseas or working from home.

Contact us to book export sales training and / or discuss tailoring this programme to your specific requirements.

Key areas covered:

  • Understanding the types of export risks

  • Key elements of an international sales contract
  • Guaranteeing contract performance – Bid Bonds, Performance Bonds etc

  • Delivery terms (the Incoterms® rules)

  • International methods of payment

  • Financing export transactions

It explains in an engaging way:

  • The range of financial risks and current issues in the global marketplace
  • How banks are handling increased regulatory challenges & the impact on exporters
  • The implications, risks and costs of issuing bank performance related guarantees
  • The Incoterms® rules and the importance of selecting a ‘safe’ delivery term

  • How export sales teams can set up workable letters of credit, avoiding amendments and discrepancies
  • The exporter’s trade cycle – how to identify financial pressure points and optimise cashflow
  • Financing export transactions – information required by banks to enable them to lend
  • Bank charges – understanding the various costs and avoiding unexpected fees

This export sales training course is a brilliant way to demystify the often misunderstood areas of export sales risks and financial terms for you and your team, helping you become even more savvy in expanding your business.

We provide Export Sales training courses to organisations all over the UK including London, Nottingham, Lancashire, Surrey, the North East, Cardiff and Essex.

We also deliver Export Sales training courses to clients based in Europe, including Sweden, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland and Belgium

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