International Business Review

Our international business review will help you to:

  • Process letters of credit efficiently
  • Manage other finance issues arising from overseas sales and / or purchases

We can help you to significantly reduce cost and risk associated with trading internationally, focusing on key areas relevant to your business and markets.

As professionals with many years’ experience in international banking, we understand the operational challenges facing your business as well as the drivers for income from a banking perspective. We can therefore offer meaningful and practical guidance to ensure that your bank is offering an appropriate level of service at a fair price.

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What does the International Business Review involve?

Example: International Trade Finance Review

A session aimed at finance directors, financial controllers, finance managers and credit teams. We will cover:

  • Understanding and identifying key export / import risks and costs
  • An overview and explanation of Incoterms® 2010 including an assessment to ensure that you are using the most appropriate rules to minimise risk to your business
  • Payment terms and methods relevant to your markets
  • A detailed review of your business processes in respect of international payments and transactions
  • Assessment of letters of credit, including costing and review of fees charged by banks
  • Recommendations for negotiating better pricing and service levels from the banks.
  • Opportunities to accelerate cashflow (exporters)
  • How to finance purchases in a cost-effective and structured manner (importers).

Case study one:

A regular exporter of machinery to the Middle East was regularly receiving high value letters of credit from an Egyptian bank, confirmed by a major European bank.

The cost of confirmation was particularly high and following a discussion with the company, we recommended a pricing structure which was subsequently requested from and offered by an alternative major  bank, saving our client thousands of pounds in fees.

Case study two:

A global energy products manufacturer agreed a multi-million US Dollar contract with a buyer in Qatar, with unfavourable delivery and payment terms.

We discussed restructuring the terms to ensure that a large proportion of the contract value was paid at a much earlier stage and at far less risk to the exporter. We provided intensive letter of credit training to groups of key staff over three months, ensuring that the company is well equipped to negotiate and comply with the most demanding of contract and letter of credit terms in the future.

We provide International Business Reviews across the UK including London, Birmingham, Essex, Kent and Surrey.

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