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If you found MJ Hayward Associates Ltd by searching for ‘online letters of credit training’ or a similar phrase, welcome.

Are you looking to train a number of your employees in commercial letter of credit terms in a way that is convenient and good value for money?

Check out our introductory ‘Guide to Letters of Credit’ article.

We have considered offering online letters of credit courses, since UK and overseas businesses do sometimes enquire about distance learning. But we have decided not to take it any further because we strongly believe in the effectiveness of training delivered face to face.

Bringing a trainer into your workplace to deliver a practical letters of credit session that is uniquely tailored to your company is likely to benefit you and your colleagues far more than an impersonal, one-size-fits-all online programme. We create sample letters of credit that are specific to your business and reflect the real-life letter of credit terms expected by your clients or suppliers. We can answer questions on the spot, provide anecdotes, and give all the support and encouragement a piece of learning software never could!

Contact us to book in-house training and / or discuss your specific requirements for a programme tailored to your requirements.

Our one-day Essential Guide to Letters of Credit training course will enable you to understand the mechanics of handling Letters of Credit in simple terms from the exporter’s point of view:

  • How does a Letter of Credit work?
  • Learn how to request and handle letters of credit from overseas customers. 
  • Get to grips with the jargon and rules with our easy-to-follow reference guides.
  • Tips for preparing documents which comply with the most challenging terms.

  • Take the opportunity to review your own letters of credit with an experienced practitioner.
  • Reduce risks and avoid costly delays.

And it probably doesn’t cost as much as you’d expect. In fact, the time, finances and resources we are saving by not building an online letter of credit programme mean we can offer greater value for money to you and your business. And you will quickly see a return in our fee when your employees start saving time on letters of credit-related work, avoiding unexpected deductions, and are no longer making expensive mistakes.

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