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Letter of Credit Modules

Ideal for companies requiring ‘consultative’ training tailored to their business, choose from our range of focused letter of credit training modules. Modules can be delivered from a half day duration up to 3 days intensive training. Examples include:

Export sales letter of credit masterclass:  How to request a workable L/C based on an order / enquiry received from an overseas buyer. Suitable for export sales, projects, finance and logistics teams, we will focus on the buyer’s requirements and seller’s obligations and ensure that documentary terms and conditions contained within the L/C accurately reflect the underlying contract, resulting in minimal amendments and subsequent discrepancies.

Checking the letter of credit upon receipt. A detailed review of your recent / previous L/Cs as well as theoretical case studies based on potential new orders from a range of markets. We will walk through the SWIFT L/C format to ensure a full understanding of each term and condition.

Letter of credit documents masterclass. An in depth review of the common documents contained with a letter of credit, together with a practical session on how to prepare complying documents required under your own L/Cs (eg: invoices, packing lists, inspection / acceptance certificates, conformity certificates, origin documents, other declarations).

Letter of credit costs, including bank transaction and confirmation (risk fees). A look at how banks apply these charges and how to negotiate a better tariff / minimise cost with suitable advising or confirming banks. We have a strong working knowledge in this area and have saved several clients significant amounts of money. We will thus be happy to work with you when negotiating pricing and service levels with banks.

Understanding UCP 600 rules and International Standard Banking Practice (ISBP ). This is an in-depth session, focusing on how banks and traders apply and interpret the rules at a practical level. Examples and case studies are included within the training.

How to handle discrepancies and communicate with the banks confidently. This will include an appreciation of the financial risks facing banks and reasons why they could potentially refuse to handle transactions in specific cases.
Our letter of credit modules are appropriate for all colleagues involved in the letter of credit process.

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We deliver letter of credit training modules all over the UK and Europe.

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