Advanced Letters of Credit Training for Exporters

Our Advanced Letters of Credit training course is a one-day interactive and practical workshop aimed at exporting companies and freight forwarders who regularly receive or handle letters of credit.

Case-study based, enabling lots of opportunity for practice and sharing experiences, the course will help companies to formulate a strategy for managing the letter of credit end-to-end process as well as reduce the risks and costs associated with presenting discrepant documents to the bank.

“My understanding of the L/C is much better especially on understanding requirements from the bank’s perspective. I am confident in using the UCP 600 and understand the purpose of ISBP and when I can use/refer to these. I will be confident in making decisions on how to go about preparing certain documents relating to the letter of credit.”  (Metro Shipping)

Advanced Letters of Credit training equates to 7 hours of CPD activity with certification and is suitable for:

  • Experienced people who need a refresher and update
  • Those who have attended our ‘The Essential Guide to Letters of Credit for Exporters’ course who would like an in-depth, practical follow-up

  • Sales, finance and documentation staff who need practice with live examples and an opportunity to see their challenges in a new light

By the end of this training you will be able to:

  • Understand the forms and types of letters of credit.
  • Devise a formula to influence the letter of credit content.
  • Understand the UCP 600 rules and the opportunities it brings to your letter of credit performance.
  • Minimise the significant costs and administrative time associated with letters of credit
  • Identify the best performing banks and who to give your business to.


  • Setting the scene – a review of your own challenges, issues and concerns
  • The Letter of Credit Cycle
  • Variations of Credit – Standby, Transferable, Back-to-Back, Red Clause (optional)
  • Sales and Finance Team perspectives – are we working to a common goal?
  • Bank Performance Guarantees (optional)
  • Bank & Country Risk – Letters of Credit Confirmation
  • A detailed look at the ICC rules – UCP 600
  • How banks examine documents – International Standard Banking Practice (ISBP 745)
  • Letters of Credit exercises
  • Reviewing your own examples of L/Cs
  • Checking the letter of credit upon receipt
  • Identifying and reducing discrepancies
  • Understanding and Reducing Bank Charges and Confirmation fees
  • Document Checking Exercise
  • Using Letters of Credit as a tool for Financing

All delegates will receive a detailed set of reference materials, including a course manual, case studies and examples. You will also receive a copy of the ICC rules – UCP 600.

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We provide Letter of Credit courses across the UK including London, Berkshire, West Midlands, Cheshire, Hampshire, Yorkshire and Edinburgh.

We also deliver Letter of Credit training to exporting companies in locations across Europe including Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Sweden and Netherlands.

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